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Russian Visa Online Visa Application – Free Russian Visa Invitation


Russian Visa Online Visa Application – Free Russian Visa Invitation

Russian Visa Invitation
If yes, you can secure a Russian Visa Invitation on the Go for only 16 USD. Before your visa can be approved, you must complete a series of Forms and procedures outlined in the Russian visa online application process.

The majority of foreign nationals require a Russian visa to enter the country. A Russian visa is issued by the Russian Federation Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home country. You need an official invitation (also known as a visa support document) to obtain a Russian visa.

Available Listing of Online Visa Applications for Russian Visa
Here are the valid Visas you can obtain:

Work Visa Student Visa
Domestic Employee Visa Transit/Crew Visa Journalist/Media Visa Business/Tourist Visa Exchange Visitor Visa…
Having viewed the list of available Russian Visas, here is how to receive your Russian Visa Invitation from Online Visa Application in one minute or three business days. But before we continue, I would like to provide you with more information about the Online Visa Application.

Regarding Visa Application Online
Online Visa Application is the method by which a visa applicant applies for a visa using a web browser and an Internet connection. Applicants are required to type in their details on an online form and upload various files (passport photos, nationality documents, birth certificates, etc.) during this process.

Requirements For Russian Visa Online Visa Application
To obtain a Russian visa through Online Visa Application, you must satisfy the following requirements:

Maintain a Single Profile During the Application Process: Numerous visas have been denied due to your application procedure. Maintaining a single profile during an online visa application is always recommended.
The reality is that few people are chosen, but depending on the budget for the free visa and the lottery, up to 80 to 90 percent of applicants are carefully chosen. You can be the Lucky One if you attempt to maintain a single profile in order to avoid conflicts with Application Forms.
Suitable Documentation: While uploading your files and documents, ensure that the dimensions of your documents and passport photo conforms to the specifications.
Ensure That Your CV Is Effective: For some applicants, a CV is not required, but I can assure you that if you’re applying for a visa with a grant or sponsorship, you’ll need to provide a thorough description of yourself for the sponsors’ consideration. Nobody knows you personally; only your CV or resume will speak for you.
After meeting the aforementioned requirements, you can effectively apply for a Russian Visa Invitation via the online Visa Application portal at

Russian Visa Invitation Application Guide –
Now that you are prepared to apply online for a Russian Visa Invitation, you only need to:

Launch your web browser and navigate to to access the online Visa Application portal.
On the right side of the page when viewing the homepage. To continue your application, click the “APPLY NOW” icon.
The application form has four sections that must be completed in the order listed below.
General Delivery
Confirm Payment
Under the above array of forms, you must provide the following information:
Visa class
Arrival to Russia
Abandonment of Russia
Quantity of visitors
Information for tourists (Name, Surname, and Middle Name)
Age at birth
Gender Passport Number Expiration date
Citizenship (nation)
City (Residence cities)
Leave this field blank if the location of your stay is unknown.
Once complete, continue to the next stage to confirm your information.
Proceed then to Pay online using one of the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, or Western Union are acceptable payment methods. Price for a single visitor is between 16 and 27 dollars, depending on the form of visa.
NOTE – A visa with a single admission allows ONE entry into Russia during the specified period. A double-entry visa allows ONE or TWO entries into Russia within the allotted time frame. Learn how to apply for a visa to study in Ukraine as an international student

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